A typical day at Children's House

A Typical Day at The Children's House

The Children's House daily schedule is as follows:

• 8:00-8:30   Children arrive for outside play (weather permitting)
• 8:30-8:45 Large group meeting (checking the weather, reviewing the calendar, reciting the poem, beginning-sound brainstorming, counting the daily mystery number, movement & music)
• 8:45-10:40 Independent work time
• 10:40-11:00   Small group instruction
• 11:00-11:30 Outside play & half-day students are picked up at 11:15
• 11:30-12:15 Lunch
• 12:15-12:30 Story time
• 12:30-12:45 Large group meeting
• 12:45-2:10 Independent work time
• 2:10-2:30 Small group instruction
• 2:30-3:00 Outside play& pick-up for full-day students

We offer the opportunity for scheduled observations during the school day from October-May.  Please contact the office if you would like to set up a visit!