Staff & Trustees

The professional, experienced and loving educators at MCHN are committed to providing a Montessori early education experience of the highest quality.  The MCHN staff works cooperatively in order to meet each child's needs and to support his or her individual development. By building personal relationships with students and parents, MCHN provides a supportive learning environment based on a partnership between home and school.

As a Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care licensed program, all of MCHN's staff are DEEC qualified as Early Childhood Educators.

The MCHN Faculty and Staff:

Janet Flanagan- Educator
Elizabeth Grow- Educator
Eve Maskell- Volunteer Educator
Grace Maskell- Director and Educator
Emma Pykosz- Educator
Tracy Roberts- Office Manager
Jess Toole- Educator
Linda Zola- Art Appreciation

MCHN is fortunate to have a dedicated, active and involved Board of Trustees, collectively supporting the program and its mission.  Comprised of MCHN parents and grandparents, both past and present, as well as Nantucket community members, our Trustees offer their time and expertise to maintain this special program and guide its development into the future.

The MCHN Board of Trustees:

Miroslava Ahern
Tess Anderson (Secretary)
John Brescher (Co-President)
Cormac Collier (Vice President)
Carolyn Durand
Tom Garrette
Megan Harvey
Steve Hollister
Alan Myers
Matt Payne (Co-President)
Jamie Sandsbury (Treasurer)
Eugene Shubin